Book Review | The Five Orange Pips

The Five Orange Pips
The Five Orange Pips

This is the fifth book in the Sherlock Holmes Adventures.  This list from goodreads is the one I’m using to read them in a certain order.  I really enjoy these and they are very short, but I have a hard time remembering to read the next one because I switch around so much on the series that I am reading.

This particular adventure, The Five Orange Pips,  is another fun one.  At 40 pages, it made a great read for the summer reading program because it was a very fast read, but still enjoyable.  I can’t tell you much about this one as it is so short, to talk about it gives away a lot, but it involves the KKK in London.  A good albeit short read.  I recommend it as I do all of the Sherlock Holmes stories.  I rated this story 3\5 stars.

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